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Commercial Roofing / PVC Roofing

​PVC Florida Roofing From
1st Class Roofing, Inc.

A Cost-Efficient, Energy-Efficient Solution for Your Florida Business

When you hear the term “PVC,” you likely think of PVC piping – and you aren’t far off. When PVC is used as a roofing material, however, added plasticisers makes it flexible and highly durable. 1st Class Roofing, Inc. specializes in the installation of PVC roofing on commercial buildings. Count on us for quick work that won’t interrupt your daily operation and dedicated service, long after installation is complete.

What Is PVC?


PVC roof material is composed of two main components: ethylene and chlorine. PVC roofing material is composed of two layers of PVC with a layer of polyester reinforcement between them. The top ply contains additives that make the membrane UV-resistant and therefore highly energy-efficient. 1st Class Roofing recommends Duro-Last® PVC Membrane for your next installation.

The Many Advantages of PVC


Here are a few reasons PVC plastic is an appealing material for commercial building owners shopping for a new roof.

  • Affordability – The strength of the PVC roof lends itself to a long life – at least 20 years, which means building owners will save on premature replacement.

  • Durability – A PVC roof’s strength comes from hot welded seams, which create a durable, watertight bond, especially compared to other materials that use caulk or tape to seal seams.

  • Damage Resistance – A PVC roof can stand up to just about any threat, including chemicals, fire, wind, and water. The roofing membrane is hard to ignite, can self-extinguish, and is designed to withstand hurricane-level winds and torrential rain.

  • Eco-Friendly – PVC roofing membranes possess solar reflectivity, which reduces your building’s heating and cooling costs and its reliance on HVAC systems.


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