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Storm Damage Repair From 1st Class Roofing, Inc

Timely, Trustworthy Emergency Repairs For Your Florida Home


Florida residents know: it only takes a few minutes for a severe storm to seriously damage your home’s exterior. Depending on what kind of materials protect your house, you can experience a range of stressful issues. Shingle roofs, for instance, are vulnerable to high winds. The overlapping installation that allows them to shed water can cause them to be pulled up by the wind, creating a domino effect and tearing large portions of roofing off in one fell swoop.

Tile and metal, on the other hand, often need storm damage repair after hail or wind-blown debris create dents or cracks in them. High winds can turn tree branches and other outdoor objects into projectiles. Worse yet, rainwater can pool in these dents, making your roof more likely to develop leaks.

As veteran Florida roofers, 1st Class Roofing, Inc. has seen it all when it comes to storm damage. When severe weather strikes, we’re here for you.

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Our Promise to You


Looking for an honest, affordable roofer in an emergency can be frustrating. Lots of companies are out to make a quick buck and an even quicker getaway. Not 1st Class Roofing, Inc. When you call us for storm damage repair, you can be sure of the following:

  • We will never take advantage of you, try to sell you unnecessary repairs, or surprise you with unforeseen costs. We’ll fix your roof and protect your home.

  • We will provide a detailed estimate with photos to help you understand the roof's condition and the extent of any damages there may be.

  • Most importantly, we will make sure that your home and your family are safe as soon as possible.

A Cat III Certified Roof: The Ultimate Hurricane Protection


If you’re looking for a high-quality replacement roof that is virtually hurricane-proof, talk to 1st Class Roofing, Inc. about our Cat III roofing system. Installed using top-tier GAF asphalt shingles, a Cat III roof can withstand winds of up to 130 mph. Get peace of mind in any weather with 1st Class Roofing, Inc.


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Call the Roofing Company Your Neighbors Trust


At 1st Class Roofing, Inc., we’re committed to honesty, integrity, and top-quality work. Call us today at (863) 324-4043 or request an estimate online.

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